UserHorn - Online Helpdesk Ticketing System

1. 15% of customers consider high quality of service to be the main factor of increasing loyalty
2. Thanks to Customer Service Ticketing System and Smart Search, the number of calls
to the Support will be reduced to 30%, just because users will find answers to their questions all by themselves.
3. The number of dissatisfied customers is decreasing
4. Gratitudes will be received from users due to the speed of resolving issues
5. Reduced support costs
We believe that our service will help you to solve the problem of customer support through the Online Helpdesk Ticketing System

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Main features of Userhorn

website ticketing system
Customizable home page, according to your ideas
Private messages
best online ticketing service
Possibility of private communication between support staff and users
Mobile version
customer support help desk
You will be comfortable using the service on any devices
SSL certificate
best community forum software
Free and forever!
Instant answers
online helpdesk ticketing system
Do not overload the page, because answers appear instantly as in a chat
Custom URL
customer support ticket system
Change the support portal address to your own
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Our Website Ticketing System and the best organization of knowledge about the company products and services can give tremendous results.
The task is to organize the knowledge base and its accessibility for all employees of the company and customers. Customer Support Ticket System platform UserHorn using the "Knowledge Base" module will allow you to make a valuable business asset - a knowledge base - from topics in the community. It supports self-service of clients and helps visitors to quickly and conveniently find answers to interesting questions thanks to a clear structure of the database and the function "Smart search", which automatically searches for similar requests and answers when creating a new request.
We are trying to make the best online support service and hope it will help grow your business

What do our customers think about Userhorn?

A bit of a complicated setting in the admin area, but now it’s getting used. Quality of service is not inferior to competitors. It is possible to make several projects with the assignment of several languages and of course pleases the free SSL certificate.

Selling systems

For a long time I was looking for something similar at an affordable price. I looked at both Copiny and UserEcho, but it seemed very expensive. Now we have organized a knowledge base and a forum with statuses for users and are quite satisfied. Good luck to the developers!


We use it as an internal system for employees with a knowledge base for frequently used questions. Quick search on all issues, the solution is usually in a matter of seconds. Forum is also used, but less often. In any case, the problem solved the same issues.